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Conquer your day, conquer your goals, be the woman you want to be.

Level up with a Productive

community Of Like minded women

Access daily Productive GPS, on-demand training, tools, templates, planning, accountability sessions, and a community of like-minded working women for only $997/Yearly.

Other productivity gurus charge up to $1000/month for the same value, but I wanted to create an affordable option for every woman.


MY Friend, EMI

Emi's Story:

"I got home after a long day at work and sat in the car before going inside... I was behind at work with my notes... and I had absolutely no plan for dinner!

Uber Eats is sounding very good right.

Uber Eats, Panera bread, chipotle have gotten my money this year.. not because my kids love it, but because I've had too many a day that I'm just too tired to Think!

HWT is the answer to my prayer, it helps me plans the big goals and the little (but important) things like dinner ahead of time."

maybe You are

Like EMi

Imposter syndrome is taking over, and quitting your job or giving up on your goals seems like the only solution to ease the overwhelm.

You're struggling to keep up with your current workload, with so much left to accomplish and too little time.

You're overwhelmed and don't know why you added more stress to your life.

Mental overload has you feeling like you're the only one getting everything done.

You're a hardworking, badass woman who excels at her job, but one more task could make you break down.

Like Emi

You start to think

There must be a better way to manage everything without feeling like I am missing somethingor dropping the ball

A burnout or planning course might help, but there just isn't enough time in the day! 😩

"If only someone could give me a blueprint for achieving work-life synergy... I really need to know how other women are doing it!"

It starts with

one day at a time

This is what You've been told...

To Live a productive Life

❌ "Power through your workday"

❌"Wake up at 4 am to have more time for yourself

​❌ It’s all in the affirmation

❌ Fake it till you make it

❌ To have it all, you need to do it all

But you're exhausted aren't you?

Busy Brain? Busy Life? When Will Hard Work Pay Off?

Join Other

"Healthy Wealthy Thriving"


WHo Use these daily GPS to conquer their goals and

achieve their dreams.

Conquer your day, week, and month with our GPS system.

Experience noticeable growth in your personal and professional life.

Say goodbye to daily overwhelm and burnout.

Show up with confidence and authenticity.

Set healthy boundaries to skyrocket your productivity.

Create powerful transformations and amazing results.


I'm Dr. Lola Day

Before the world knew me as Dr. Lola Day, the double-boarded physician, mother of 3, entrepreneur, and productivity + work-life success strategist and ADHD trained Coach for women...

I was chronically exhausted and overwhelmed with my ADHD.

I worked 10 x harder to accomplish my life goals while wearing the SUPERWOMAN mantra. Not surprisingly, I became burnt out and had a nervous breakdown which forced me to freeze time which is hard for my ADHD brain!

I knew something had to change! I did not want to quit my job or worse GET FIRED, I loved my job. I also had other aspirations including having well-balanced thriving children.

I decided to actually confront my brain and stressful lifestyle by leaning into my strengths while creating roadblocks to liabilities that affected me.

It worked! I became more focused on the things that mattered to me by creating strategies for me, my family, my work, and my community but it started with conquering my day.

I know how it feels to feel hopeless,

I also know how it feels when the strategies when implemented appropriately actually start to work.

I have used this strategies for countless of women with busy brains (ADHD), and if this works for them imagine how much more it will work for you even if you do not have ADHD

After learning how to thrive (not survive)

I realized 3 Things

Working Hard without a GPS

leads to living a hard & stressed life which leads to burn out, overwhelm and a sense of being busy but yet unaccomplished

Gliding through life without direction

leads to wasted time on doing things that don't take you a inch closer to accomplishing your life goals but cause you wander through life without intentionality.

Lack of Accountability & Community

leads to doing many things that don't work, without the village to guide you to the right direction.

Introducing. . .

Wealthy life community

A community of women who are ready to take their personal and professional lives to the next level,

in-spite of their busy brains or busy lives.

If there were a manual for adulting, it still wouldn't fit my unique brain or situation.

As a mother of three, physician, and multi-passionate entrepreneur,

cookie-cutter systems didn't work for me.

So, I developed my own system that enables me to excel in all areas of my life,

rather than just getting by.

Why not create your own system by starting with just one day at a time, intentionally focusing on wholesomeness and wellness?

#SoftLife, our Lux is the unapologetic ability to prioritize our Ease!.

Start by setting and prioritizing your goals with our daily GPS system – Goal Setting, Prioritization, and Systemization, one day at a time.

Then take a bigger picture view with our weekly, monthly, yearly, and lifetime planning.

Each month, we focus on a different aspect of personal, family, and professional development to help you achieve your full potential.

We prioritize living a healthy life, cultivating a wealthy mindset, and thriving easily in all areas of our lives.

Imagine The New YOU 2.0

go from working 10x harder than everyone else with minimal results in your productivity

To having a GPS that allows you to not only level in all areas of your life but also accomplish all your goals with ease.

When you join the Healthy Wealthy & Thriving Community

You’ll get instant access to:

Start with

Your Daily GPS

Conquering your day starts with a great mindset, intentional planning because where your attention is where you will grow.. This planning system has been shown to help you stay intentional in your goals and not miss the most important aspects of your life. Plan your day… accompany digital template of the fabulous lola planner

The Daily Jump Start

Elle-Levate your mind with “The Daily Jump Start”..

A 5 mins private podcast to jump start to your day to get you to a productive mindset every morning.

The Lola Planner

 Efficiency starts with planning

Plan your day with this digital planning system has been shown to help you stay intentional in your goals and most important aspects of your life.

The Lola Journal

 Evaluate your day

What you don’t track or reflect doesn't grow.

You get a daily journal to reflect on your day. so that you can conquer your day gradually. with ease.

Community & Support

You can finally stop struggling alone and become part of a powerful community,

take advantage of Healthy Wealthy & Thriving Women and get networking access to a village of successful women and always be up to date on the latest productivity tips and hack!

Your Village, Clan & Squad

It Takes a Village

Access to our village of like-minded goal slayers to provide the needed community to reach your goals. You are also placed ina squad of 4-6 women to help you stay accountable

Master Class

 Level Up to You 2.0

Since this is like productivity gym, each month we have a focus on we work on. to help level up one of our pillars. Monthly themes and special experts to help us elevate our life Monthly focus or them.


We Are In This Together

We have daily, weekly, planning, and monthly planning and co working sessions to achieve our goals together. Using Dr. Lola's planning Method.

On Demand Resources

You have access to Productivity Resources that will help you achieve your goals.

Time Audit Workbook

Time Consciousness

Time Awareness is important in building an efficient productive day. Use this template to help you determine your time efficiency, where you are losing

Habit Tracker

Habit & Personal Development Tracker

What you don’t track or reflect doesn't grow. You get a daily journal to reflect on your day.. How will you 

Set Boundaries

Get Freedom of time

Affirmation cards to help you set boundaries which will in turn lead to a productive life


 Evaluate your day

​28 days of Gratitude Journal to help you shift your mindset from scarcity to gratitude. life.

The Wealthy life community

For Healthy, Wealthy and Thriving Women

is for

two specific people

The Brilliant But Busy Life woman

You want a clear precise direction for daily living but you are overwhelmed by where to start a life of balance and equilibrium... free from unnecessary stress to thriving!

The Brilliant but busy brain Woman

Your brain is on 10, you may have ADHD and feel stuck! You want to simplify how you navigate life daily and shift from a life of stress and constant overwhelm to Winning!

This is also for you if...

You are ready to upgrade to the new wealthy version of yourself so you can thrive in your personal and professional life!

You want to maximizes your 24 hours so you can thrive in all areas of your lives and stop feeling like you are on a Hamster wheel!

You need help to overcome brain or life sabotage that leads to busy (not productive time), exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustration.

You want to live everyday with a clear direction and a strategy and go to bed daily without regrets of what you could have done differently to become more productive

You want a Concise daily GPS and productivity tools, tips and strategy to help you become a badass super-productive queen and thrive effortlessly in the important areas of your life

Time to radically & intentionally

Focus on YOU!

Remember that You ARE a BOSS!

Be intentional about your life!

I have personally experienced the transformative power of the methods and tools shared in this community. By being intentional and following these steps, I was able to completely change my life.

Join our community to transform your life with our proven method and tools. You'll go from busy to productive and become the best version of yourself. We offer accountability, practice, and feedback, along with done-for-you productivity templates, journals, and a daily GPS. Be part of a supportive community on the same journey and create the life of your dreams. Say goodbye to burnout and overwhelm and hello to a healthy, wealthy, and thriving life.

Transform your life with A community that will help you become a productivity queen and goal slayer!

Go from feeling lost and living day-to-day, to having a daily GPS that gives you clear direction and confidence.

Forget trying endless, complicated productivity apps and embrace our simple, defined, and clear strategy.

No more fighting alone, our community offers support, feedback, accountability, networking/partnership, and practice opportunities.

Go from having no clear plan, to focusing on monthly life themes with actionable plans for three goals or the four pillars of life (Self, Family, Money Makers (work, business), and community) with our blueprint plan.

No more apologizing for your overwhelm, it's time to live unapologetically with a harmonious work-life that prioritizes your wellbeing with our #softlife.

This will be


We understand if you're hesitant to try another program due to past negative experiences. However, we assure you that this is different. Our clients who have actively participated in the program have achieved remarkable success. We believe that if you also put in the effort, you will find the program valuable. Plus, we're a supportive community, so you won't be going through this alone.

I am a newbie and I'm just getting started. Will this still work for me?

Yes, this works especially well for newbies. Yes, this life success community will provide you resources, planners, templates, a community, support, networking, accountability, and partnership opportunities that will help you to get your life to the next level

I know you are also a ADHD coach. Is this only for people with ADHD.

No, this works for all kind of women that are ready to live a healthy wealthy and thriving life

When are your master classes and planning Sessions?

Our Life Success Church MasterClasses are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month! The monthly planning session is scheduled for the last Friday of each month. As for weekly planning sessions, they are clan-dependent, but we offer open planning on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings.

Can I cancel the program at any time?

Yes, you can cancel this membership any time. Just give a 15 days written notice before your next billing period. If month to month, and 30 days prior to your yearly renewal.

Join Your Village of like minded women

Healthy Wealthy & Thriving Women

Elevate your mind with "The Daily Jump Start" Private Podcast

The Lola Planning method to help you be intentional with your day.

Resources to increase your chance of success

LIVE Support & Accountability

Community of like minded women


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